Ryan Borella - Artist/sometime "writer of comics"/Captain Nintendo

Just a lil about me.... My name (as you know) is Ryan Borella... I'm also know as MrEff and more famously "SpooN"...

I'm 26 and currently residing in good ol Worcester MA with my girlie girl Erin! (*swoon*) I started drawing at an early age, copying pictures out of comic books and such.... I left the physical drawing aspect behind for a bit to focus on graphic arts.... where at times I'm known to produce something somewhat mind boggling.

After awhile I found myself carrying around my old sketch book from college (Art Institute of Boston) and began drawing again.... It wasn't untill January of 2005, after finding myself unemployed, that I was inspired to persue something I had only dreamed of before.... and hence came "Ded End"!

Originally my intentions were for it to get published as a newspaper comic not unlike my personal idol Bill Watterson (and maybe to be half as talented). Now I realize Ded may not be sutied for that line of work as my humor tends to bend more towards the twisted side of things... After attending my first convention (ConnectiCon) I decided one comic wasn't enough!!! Oh no... I needed to exploit a vein that had been many a time exploited... I needed a comic about myself.... as a comic strip artist...

Thus "Strip'ers" was born as well.... Unfortunately I've decided to put that comic on hiatus as I feel it's necessary to persue Ded End for the time being

The only thing I love more than drawing is my loverly Erin (who cracks up at my strip no matter how lame a joke gets thrown in *sigh it must be love*) and me cat Jack, both of which remain a constant source of inspiration and ego boost. I honestly don't know if Ded would have continued if she hadn't pulled me out of my nightmare.


Christopher Fitch - Editor/pop culture freak/Artist & writer of his own strip

What can I say about Fitch that hasn't already been said in court. It only took him 6 months to put out his own comic, Box & Socket (I swear he's going to do more!) He's also lent his hand with some of the Ded End writing and tons of the Strip'ers writing. Currently he's been relegated to the status of "Editor" because quite frankly I miss some of the smallest details all of the time. Fitch has that knack for letting me know just what little bits I need to tweak to make the comic truly great. (That and if I give him less to do maybe he'll get his fantastic strip going.) If your looking for the ultimate source in Magic, robots, or just anything with zombies (and hell the boy is just fun to party with) This would be your man child....

I mean I'm talking some fucking "Of Mice and Men" shit here

-Fitch Totally Didn't Write This-