Here's where it all started

with sketches....crummy lil doodles I did in my spare time (between designing flash, which I may put up here.... not sure yet....) So enjoy for now... more to come... this is where fan art would go.... if I had any...

It's a little big I know but I didn't want to scale it down too much.... These are some of the initial sketches for Ded... the different faces I went through before the final product (inked). There also seems to be a cat.... I'm not sure what he's there for, but isn't he cute????? There will be more of these as I get them scanned SO how about that fan art huh?

Speak of the devil... Fan Art

Yay my first fan art!!! This was one done by Michael Baltrop of College Pros fame... Poor ded.... no ice cream for him.... and he wanted it sooo badly.....

Guestcomic I did for Mike Ramsey of Sidwood excellence... check it out seriously

I love this.... It figures Ded would fall for a kitten missing limbs.... Sandra Fowler Sent me this.... I really think this is terrific... maybe another character design eh?

Keeping it funky.... new Fan Art by G_I_John

Here's a bit of fan art from Britt Kern depicting Ded's love for the fridge gunk...

Charles Brubaker reveals who Ded's father really is!!!!

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